B.Com Cost Accounting


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Study MaterialPrinted Book
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S.NoTopic NameNumber of VideoTopic Length
1Cost Sheet7 Video(s) 04:40:00
2Material Cost and Control14 Video(s) 07:36:52
3Budgetory Cost and Control10 Video(s) 07:10:00
4Marginal Costing10 Video(s) 07:15:00
5Standard Costing13 Video(s) 11:40:00
6Process Accounts10 Video(s) 07:54:00
7Reconciliation Statement5 Video(s) 03:10:00
8Overhead Cost and Control7 Video(s) 04:50:00
9Operating Costing6 Video(s) 03:00:00
10Contract Accounts12 Video(s) 06:11:00
11Joint Product and By Product4 Video(s) 01:40:00
12Labor Cost12 Video(s) 06:40:00
13Integral and Non Integral Accounts3 Video(s) 01:12:00
14Job Costing3 Video(s) 01:48:00
15Batch Costing2 Video(s) 01:10:00
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